Dec 20, 2010


Seconds to minutes to hours to day to week to month has passed overnight . Without the trial everything changed quickly . Although the exam still there but the heart still was fun and happy . During the wait for the final examination on 20/12 I was on holiday with my beloved family and cousin . We'r going Malacca ! The same place every year . Btw do not exciting like before this . Maybe im thinking that my exam is not finished . So long at Malacca . Just the same thing im doing like swimming , walking and rising high Taming Sari and ride the boat turned around in Malacca Town . Hurm, everytime what im doing like something wrong . I dont know because what . That time maybe not in mood . Have something that I keep in my heart .
*sorry , baru dapat post sebab kemalasan melanda diri :D

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Monday, December 20, 2010